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New Art Collection "Breathing Everyday" - a Phygital Art Experience

I have some exciting news to share with everyone!

After two months of learning and experimenting, I am finally preparing to launch a brand new phygital art collection, complete with accompanying giclee prints. The launch is scheduled for sometime next week.

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"Breathing Everyday" Phygital Art Collection by Pinkyhoot, 2023

Each artwork in this series begins as texts generated from my own original watercolor paintings, brought to life in Photoshop with editing, motion, and music. The rhythmic flow within the pieces mirrors the cadence of breath, a universal language that soothes anxiety and centers the mind.

My aspiration is for this collection to be a slice of calm oasis amidst the demands of everyday life, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in each artwork's serenity and find the gift of presence and focus.

Can't wait to see the full art collection? Don't forget to subscribe and never miss a thing!


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