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My unprofessional CBT tip on increasing self esteem

I am very hard on myself. Unsure if it is my upbringing (probably), or just being an artist (also probably), I say mean things to myself in my head, ALL.THE.TIME.

“OMG, you SUCK at drawing.” “UGH, that was DUMB of you. so STUPID”

One hectic morning, I was dropping my toddler daughter off at her daycare. I was already on a downward negative spiral. As luck would have it, she started wailing about something at school and wouldn’t let me leave.

I am flustered, annoyed, and sad all at the same time. Immediately, I started telling myself that I am a horrible mother.

Then something magical happened. The teacher said to her “Crying is okay, and after we are done, let’s go play!” Koya sniffled and then nodded in agreement. Just like that, she is better and I am better too.

That moment made an impression on me and got me thinking about the power of words.

If my toddler was my inner self at that moment, I would probably say something like “That’s so stupid, you are crying about nothing.” I would never say that to her though because that is just so mean and not productive.

So then…. Why do I do that to myself? My inner artist is also vulnerable and deserves to be nurtured. The struggles of being an artist are hard enough, so why am I pile even more on?

Be kinder to yourself and treat your inner self as if you are treating your precious child!

Next time you catch yourself saying negative things to yourself, gently stop it, and choose a more positive sentence instead! You will be amazed at how it changes your self esteem.

P.S. Happy Fall!! Suddenly, all the stores in Utah smell like pumpkin spice, and I LOVE it.


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