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Greetings! I am Lisi Wang, known as Pinkyhoot, and I proudly serve as the owner and creative force behind PinkyhootArt (@Pinkyhootart).

My love for fashion design and the enchanting realm of fantasy stories serves as the primary sources of inspiration for my surreal artwork. These artworks depict beautiful Asian women, gracefully suspended in a moment. Accompanying them are a host of watchful flora and fauna, embodying the voices within and from outside that influence their lives. 

Through my watercolor and digital artwork, I want to remind myself and my viewers the magic of genuine connections we make in life, then cherish them and grow with them. 

You may have noticed my cotton candy pink hair, a distinctive feature that has graced three different driver's licenses! This vibrant hue empowers me, infusing me with a lightheartedness and unwavering determination to be noticed and unapologetically myself.

Welcome to Pinkyhoot's world. I would love to keep in touch!

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