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Greetings! I am Lisi Wang, known by the moniker Pinkyhoot, and I proudly serve as the owner and creative force behind PinkyhootArt (@Pinkyhootart).

My love for fashion design and the enchanting realm of fantasy stories serves as the primary sources of inspiration for my surreal paintings. These artworks depict stylish Asian women, gracefully suspended within surreal and enchanting realms. Accompanying them are a host of watchful flora and fauna, embodying the voices within these women's minds—sometimes friendly, sometimes mischievous, and occasionally outright malevolent.

The connection between the female figures and these creatures forms the very essence of my art. I delve into the internal struggles experienced by Asian women, which are inextricably intertwined with societal expectations and influences of our upbringing. To me, these struggles represent transformative journeys of self-discovery and acceptance. Only by confronting and liberating ourselves from these struggles can we truly blossom into our most extraordinary selves.

You may have noticed my cotton candy pink hair, a distinctive feature that has graced three different driver's licenses! This vibrant hue empowers me, infusing me with a lightheartedness and unwavering determination to be noticed and unapologetically myself.

Welcome to Pinkyhoot's world. I would love to keep in touch!

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