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My name is Lisi Wang aka Pinkyhoot. I am the owner and creator of PinkyhootArt (@Pinkyhootart).

Heavily influenced by my fashion design background, I create watercolor paintings of fashionable Asian female figures suspended in fantastical and surreal settings - often accompanied by watchful flora and fauna. These creatures and spirits are the little voices inside her head, sometimes friendly, sometimes mischievous, and sometimes outright evil. 

The relationships between the female figures and the little creatures form the foundation of my art. ​My paintings comment on the quiet internal struggles of Asian women that are the result of our upbringing and expectations. I see these struggles as transformative journeys of self discovery and acceptance. Once we can face them and free ourselves from them, we become our best versions.

I used to love oil painting and I still work in that medium from time to time, but somewhere along my artist journey, I became obsessed with watercolor. I love the ethereal feeling that these translucent colors create. I often find myself layering watercolors as if using thin oil glaze - old habits are hard to break. This created a dynamic colorfulness in my watercolor paintings that I actually love, so I am keeping it!

You might have noticed that I have pink hair. My pink hair has made it to 3 drivers licenses! I love the way it makes me feel - not so serious, dare to be noticed, dare to own it. Now that I am working on launching CHNGRL - a web3 community for creative Chinese women to share their art and their stories while learning the tools they need to succeed as creatives, the hair has also helped with marketing and PR! 

Because I do DARE. Do you dare to work with me?

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