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Art studio and procrastination should not go together

I had this grand vision of my art studio in the new house. It was going to be big, bright, smell of fresh paint, and most importantly, READY for me when I arrived! Well… 2 months later (gasp! already?!), it is still not done.

Turns out, I had to get ready for IT.

Have you ever pushed off doing things because something is not ideal? You tell yourself once ____ is more ____, I will do it? I want to guess that you didn’t end up doing it, period. I caught myself doing just that using the undone studio as an excuse to procrastinate. Oops.

If there are things you want to accomplish, or try, or experience, don’t put it off. Plan it and do it this week! No excuses. Anything that stops you from taking that action IS an excuse.

My wait is almost over though. See this blank slate full of possibilities?! In a couple of weeks, I can start making it into my woman-cave, she-sement, bird nest, whatever we want to call it (I think I like bird nest).

Any suggestions for studio furniture, decorating ideas, or products that you think I should have?? Let me know in comments below!

Let's go shopping.


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