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My creative process gets a facelift

I am impulsive and get bored easily. It is no different when it comes to my art practice. Sometimes I get a flash of an idea, and I think it is the next best thing. So I start on it immediately without thinking too much about it or too far ahead. I let my intuition guide me through each piece, and when I get bored of the idea, I call it quits and the pieces become a collection. Other times, I start on it only to realize that it was a much better idea in my head, so I abandon it. Art, after all, should be spontaneous and random, right? … Not exactly.

Here is a little secret about selling art, it must be marketed and presented as a collection to collectors. They want to see that the artist can consistently produce art in the same style over a period of time, which gives the art and the artist more value.

Since I have time to focus on my art now, I wanted to do it properly this time. As I started brainstorming and concepting my ideas, I realized that I have been doing this art thing all wrong, this whole time!!! (hear my head banging against my table…)

Do you remember that I was a design director in my last job? Planning and concepting a whole collection in the beginning of a season with my team was what I did 2 - 4x a year - every year for 10 years. I cannot believe I didn’t think to apply the same practice to my art collections. W.T.F. LISI!!

Planning is half the battle won. I suppose it is no different when it comes to my art. As the epiphany dawned on me, I suddenly feel way more confident because I KNOW how to plan for a collection of any kind. I am going to incorporate my design practices to my art and plan an amazing collection next!

Here is a little sneak peak of my sketchbook.


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