Hoot! My name is Lisi Wang, and I am the owner and creator of Pinkyhoot Art & Prints (@Pinkyhootart).


Based in Los Angeles, California. I am a maker by heart, and my passion is to create beautiful things for myself and anyone who appreciates my style and aesthetic. In my world, creativity is the only truth, and the pursuit of growth and freedom is the ultimate journey. 


Watercolor is my current medium of choice for art, but I often switch between digital format and oil painting. Switching formats allow me to experience the exploration, tension, and struggle anew each time, which has always led me to grow as an artist. 


Heavily influenced by fashion and fantasy, my art is colorful, whimsical, and extremely detailed. My ultimate goal is to create an entire world, in which fantastical creatures and elegant beings reside.   

I believe that there is a playful little girl or boy inside every adult who is boggled down by duties and responsibilities. I wish that my art and the world I ultimately create can be an escape for the little girl or boy inside of you.  


Remember to slow down and take a moment to discover new things every day because all the labor of my art is to encourage the wonder of discovery...

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